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Purple BrushStrokes Keychain DIY KIT

Purple BrushStrokes Keychain DIY KIT

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This kit comes with everything you need to make 2 key fob keychain sets. Most keychains are cut to 1” or by preference. Simply cut you leather into strips and clamp your hardware to create your keychain. Then use jump rings to attach accessories. Glue your cabochons into bezels and you have a new creation!

-Leather Sheet 4” x 12”

-2 Keyfob Clamp Hardware 

-2 Puff Balls with Elastic Loop

-2 Tassels

-2 Druzys

-1 Glass Cabochon

-2 Cabochon Bezels

-2 6mm Jump Rings

-4 8mm Jump Rings 





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