Meet The Owners

After having our website for about 5 years I think it is time to write a blog! Hi everyone my name is Hillary and I am the owner and founder of Faux Bows Craft  Supply. I am a mom, wife, Registered Nurse, Neurospicy human with ADHD, and a craft-aholic! I started Faux Bows in 2018 when I was in Nursing school and crafting to make some side cash and craft while I studied. I had my son Gideon who was only 2 at the time and my husband Zac. I was looking for faux leather to make bows and could not find any shops in the USA or anywhere that had affordable pricing. So Faux Bows was born!! We started with a small amount of Leather Sheets in my living room in a small townhouse (see image below). We did it all on our own and shipped daily from our living room. I graduated nursing school the end of that year and we started to hire some help in the shop. In 2019 we buckled up for a crazy ride. I started a third shift nursing job at an inner city hospital in January, we bought a house in April, moved the shop to my moms large basement ( thanks mom!),  and became pregnant with our daughter Charlee in August. Then 2020 hit and we all know that ride. Fast forward to now and we are a family of 4  (6 if you count our pups Pepper and Griz) and I am a full time RN Case Manager for homecare and my husband now runs the shop full time fulfilling your orders! I still manage all of our sites, ordering and social media. We have had a wild ride in life since we started Faux Bows but we are very excited for a new focus and new year in 2023 to bring you amazing quality products and excellent customer service! Let us know what you want to see or if you need any crafting help or have any questions. We would love to assist you! Stay tuned for more to come!

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